Managed Staffing

More and more companies are outsourcing various aspects of their business, especially non – core operations such as administrative functions (Secretaries, receptions etc), customer service desks and call centers.

Outsourced staffing allows the management of the company to dedicate their energies to running the profit centers, which in turn boosts the bottom line. Managed staffing means that we assume responsibility and accountability for the overall process from procurement to daily management of a department or workforce. (Management of Rigs, Production, Warehouse, Terminal staff, etc)

People are the key to any organization. The company’s personnel could make or break it. Staffing is a time-consuming and exhaustive process. A Lot of time, money and effort goes into selecting the right staff, training and retaining them. With time, this process is getting tougher and calls for full-time attention. Every company cannot possibly afford such time and money. With more work to be done and less time to do it in, companies are looking for faster, easier and reliable options to dump some of their complicated, time-consuming but unavoidable work. Outsourcing is the winning option. It’s the best answer to all their problems and thats where Estymol comes in.

You must consider Outsourcing:

  • To save Money
  • To save time
  • To get high quality staff
  • To reduce risk