Estymol's Recruitment Process (ERP)

is a state-of-the-art approach in providing full recruitment services. We utilize the best people, process and technology available to effectively manage a client’s entire recruitment process. From initial consultation through daily execution, our team partners with clients to deliver cost-effective recruitment process excellence that is managed through performance.

Our recruitment and Selection process is driven by our desire to find the right person for the job. It is designed to identify people who not only have the right mix of skills and experience but who also aspire to our values.

The assessment techniques we use are designed specifically for each individual job, with the aim of objectively and fairly measuring the candidates attributes against the core requirements of that particular job.

Everyone is extremely aware of the impact of a poor recruitment decision. By employing someone who is inappropriate for a vacancy, faculties, departments and divisions incur considerable costs in time, money and effort to bring the individual up to standard. If this cannot be done, the person’s probation is not confirmed, or he or she leaves voluntarily. In both instances, this is likely to lead to team disruption and extra cost in selecting, inducting and training someone new. Employing the best person for the job will ensure that the Firm benefits materially, and in performance terms.

We promptly identify the ideal talent our client businesses require. Service delivery is our focus ensuring the search is cost effective.

We conduct mass recruitment campaigns or specialized searches for:

  • Entry Level Staff
  • Entry Level Staff
  • Management positions